Monday, November 30, 2009

Arise Bangon Pilipinas!

The Crest is Rising

After visiting the Philippines during the Onduy and Pepeng typhoons, we came away with the feeling that the Filipino people are the most courageous and unselfish people in the world.

The government was very limited on their assistance to those hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything in the flooding which followed the storm. What we saw was neighbor assisting neighbor, churches helping, humanitarian organizations helping, the military helping and thousands of friends from all over the world sending in relief goods and money.

There is nothing that can damper the spirit of the Filipino people! And this is why the next election is so important and exciting!

A new era of selflessness and generosity is arising. This is a key component of "mainline" Christianity. There is only one religion in the world that espouses ongoing generousity and humanitarian services and that is Christianity.

Today there is one candidate who can bring this spirit of goodwill and integrity to the nation and that is the presidential candidate of Bangon Pillipinas. Traveling throughout the cities and natoin, we find that when people realize that he is again a candidate for the next election they are excited and inspired.

Regardless of political or religious affiliation, the people are looking for a leader who can lead them to becoming a great influence in Asia both politically and economically.

Please take the time to do some research on the internet and look up Brother Eddie Villanueva and see how the Bangon Pilipinas is taken back the nation one barrio at a time!

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