Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pray for the New President of the Philippines

Man's will is not always God's will. But the ultimate outcome is God's will.

The divine destiny of the Philippines rests upon the heart of the new President. He will either make God's plan His plan or he will make man's plan His plan.

God's plan for the Philippines is that it will once again be the "Pearl of the Orient." God's plan for the Philippines is that the people will be given opportunities to own land, work for decent wages, get a good education through public and private schools and know that their legislatures are there to represent the people and not themselves.

The New Philippines which was started under the late President Cory Aguino and carried on by former President Ramos can be reinitiated by the new President IF he truly has the well being of the people of the Philippines as his priority.

Presidential Candidate Dr. Eddie Villanueva is one who did. Above all else, besides his loyalty to the principles of faith - his loyalty was to the people. He was not only pastor to his church, He had the heart to be pastor to the nation of the Philippines.

We do pray for the New leadership that they too will work together to stop the rampant corruption that has been ruining the most beautiful and friendly nation in Asia. We pray that the new leadership will be wise in selling off their lands and assets to foreign interests and rather
make every decision with the future benefit of the Filipino people the key indicator and motivator.

God bless the Filipino people! And, God bless the new President and the new Leadership of the Nation!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Involved and Vote for Change

From the Desk of Dr. Adelle McKinney:

I am writing this email to you because I know that you care for and love the Philippines and the Filipino people. God has a great plan for this nation. His plan is for the Philippines to be the launching pad for the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out Asia. His plan is that the Philippines will be a "shining star" amongst Christian nations, illuminating the dark areas of the world with the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For the past 40 years, however, the Philippines has, rather, been the recipient of humiliating titles, "The most corrupt political system in Asia, " or "The bottom of the economic totem pole with only Bangladesh being lower than the Philippines." The Philippines is also noted as a country of brain drain where qualified college graduates have to emigrate to other countries and serve as nannies, housekeepers and janitors because of a lack of opportunity within their own nation. Others who are in professions that are in demand leave for lucrative paychecks overseas, not because of greed, but because of the necessity of sending dollars home to families to help them survive with record unemployment and inflation.

Every six years, the people of the Philippines and Filipino citizens overseas have the opportunity to vote for change. Yet, in the past several elections, they have voted for status quo and in some cases, they have voted for celebrities who's economic and political abilities are as imaginary as the people they portray on the silver screen.

Every election people are bribed, and coerced and sometimes cheated into voting for someone, not because of conviction, but because financial desperation. They give away their vote and birthright in return for one meal, one bowl of porridge, throwing their future away to the dust for another six years.




"When the righteous rule, the people rejoice, when the wicked rule, the people groan." Proverbs 29:2

The true born again church of God will see this opportunity and seize it to bring into office a team of men and women who are sold out to God and sold out to effect positive change and reformation to this nation that is now filled with graft and corruption.

In the early days of the United States, men and women were all on the same page. They believed in divine providence, the creator and Jesus Christ as King. There was no need for a voice crying in the wilderness to effect change and bring in the truths of freedom and liberty because as Bible believing citizens, they all knew that true liberty comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, in the 21st Century that paradigm of thought is slowing fading away as humanism and secularism invades even the most God fearing nation, the United States of America. Because of persecution in the public arena, the church, the true body of believers is beginning to arise again - to take their place in public life. They are discarding the old ideas of the past 200 years when the clergy retired to classrooms to establish great universities of learning such as Harvard, Princeton, Rutgers, Brown, Columbia for the purpose of training men and women for Christian ministry and left governance to public servants. The church focused on building colleges, schools and hospitals and they neglected public life, the political scene, governmental service. There was an unspoken criticism of those who would seek political office rather than that of the mighty pulpit. Little did we without some of the world's great voices in the pulpit, George Fox, John Knox, Whitfield, Finney, Luther, etc. we would have become a nation of the lawless instead of a nation of laws.

But because the church neglected the public arena of politics, the result has been rules, laws and regulations passed by people who were not spiritual or righteous. Now those laws are now negatively impacting life of people in the church.


Christians in all walks of life in the Philippines, men and women of righteousness and godly living have the opportunity to transform this nation into not only a nation of happy people, which filipinos are; but a nation that is prosperous and thriving.

This cannot be accomplished unless Christians and good people see the vision of national transformation. And it will begin at the ballot box on May 10, 2010. You will vote for the STATUS QUO or you will vote for NATION TRANSFORMATION.

There is only ONE MAN and ONE TEAM who are running in this election that can accomplish this great task: Dr. Eddie Villanueva for President; Pefecto "Yun" Yasay, Jr. for Vice President plus the senatorial candidates of Bangon Pilipinas.

I have known Dr. Eddie Villanueva on a personal basis since 1979. Bro. Eddie was a college professor teaching political science and economics and his wife Adoracion, was a public school educator. Bro. Eddie was not teaching the words of Jesus in his early days of activism, but he was teaching from the little red book of Mao Tse-Tung. Why? Because he was a devoted follower of that philosophy? Wrong! It was because he saw the plight of the people in the Philippines and he believed the only way to right the wrong was to throw out the oppressors by a democratic national revolution. But during that time, he suffered imprisonment and financial disaster. Then his older sister, Leonor Buan wrote to him a simple letter, "Eddie, you need to repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and for only God can help you."

At the lowest point in his life, he received Jesus Christ and suddenly perhaps not over night but after a series of events, he surrender his life and ambition to the work of the ministry.

After 30 years, building not only a great international non-profit organization, but being a spiritual ambassador representing the Philippines, to other nations, tongues and creeds, the Lord has put this burden back into his heart for the transformation of the nation.

He has never, ever, given up this hope that someday the Philippines will be once again the "PEARL" of the orient and the launching pad for the Gospel throughout Asia and the World.

He has never, ever, given up this hope that someday, young men and women will not have to go overseas to earn a decent living but people from all over the world will want to come to the Philippines because this nations is a land of opportunity and prosperity.

Who else has this kind of agenda and heart for the nation? Career politicians?
Government bureaucrats? Drama kings and queens?

Dr. Mila Mercader, is my dear friend. And she believes as I do, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

If you allow this defining moment in the history of the Philippines to pass without your involvement, without your endorsement, without your support of godly righteous leadership, you will have to continue to suffer the consequences as just as we are suffering here in America because THE CHURCH DIDN'T CARE ENOUGH TO GET INVOLVED.

They took prayer out of the schools. They are trying to take "in God we Trust, " away from our money and as our nation's motto. They are trying to take away "one nation under God." Some are asking we change the words of our national anthem, "God shed His grace on thee." They took Christmas out of Christmas and Easter out of Easter. They took the crosses down and replaced them with sports, business and entertainment icons.





I Believe in the Filipino, Believe in the Future of the Philippines
By Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva

1. The Philippines is one of the most endowed nations in the world in terms of a) natural resources, b) skillful, versatile people, c) heroic past and glorious future.

2. Unless we unite and work as a team, it will be difficult to achieve the country’s glorious future: “destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.”We are a most blessed nation: “naturally endowed”

3. The Philippines is one of the top producers of gold, copper, nickel. Singapore and Japan both import these critical mineral resources.

4. We produce a variety of energy sources including hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, natural gas, etc.

5. We are bigger in land area than Singapore, one of the wealthiest nations; almost as big as Malaysia and Thailand, new powerhouses in Asia.

6. We are one of the most populous countries in both Asia and the world. This means that with the proper use of our natural resources, we have one of the biggest markets in the world to sustain our domestic demand and economic growth.

7. If we are so richfully endowed, there is no reason why we should not be a progressive nation…We have one of the most talented people in the world: the Pinoy phenomenon

8. Pinoys are known to be a most fractious, disunited people; Pinoys are synonymous to crabs: we have this interesting propensity to pull each other down. But throw the Pinoys in the water and they will swim. Send them out to Asia and they can speak the languages of the Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians, etc. Send them out to the Middle East and they can adapt to the ways of the desert. Send them to North America and in no time at all, they speak more American than the Gringos themselves. And they can work as a team, winning the admiration of people all over the world.

9. The Pinoys are one of the most talented people in the world. You ask them to learn how to operate a big machine, a small gadget and they can do it without even reading the manual. Who are one of the most respected bankers in the world? Accountants? Treasurers? Physicians? Nurses? Physical therapists? Teachers? Nannies? Tutors? No one but the Filipinos themselves who will brave wars and pandemics just to get employed and you can expect their loyalties will endure. And who will ever forget Leah Salonga? Monique Wilson? Cecil Licad? Freddie Aguilar? Gary Valenciano? Paeng Nepomoceno? Manny Pacquiao? The Filipinos have become global citizens. Indeed, Filipinos mustered the courage to lose sight of their native shore and that is one of the reasons why they were able to discover new oceans to master!

10. The Pinoys are also known for their hard work. They have internalized that unless one tries to do something beyond what he knows and grasps, he will never grow. Efren “Bata” Reyes did not only master the billiard balls. He also made them fly. Eugene Torre did not just excel in the Philippines; he was Asia’s first chess grandmaster. Charise Pimfengco did not just awe Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, she awed the whole world with her powerful voice that reached to the heavens!The Pinoys have inherited a heroic past and face a glorious future

11. Yes, the Pinoys were born of struggles and much heroism. We will recall that the Philippines was the first independent republic in Asia. We gained independence from Spain close to the turn of the previous century. We were in fact ahead by half a century of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia’s emancipation from foreign colonialism. For we produced the Trece Martires and the GomBurZa; Rizal and Bonifacio; the propagandist del Pilar and the two del Pilar generals; Mabini and Aguinaldo. We possessed both the genius of our mind and the courage of our arms. These led to our national deliverance. Peace was bought with the sweat and blood of our heroes.

12. Our heroism and fighting spirit did not cease during the American and Japanese periods. We fought in the battlefields, we fought in the hills and we fought in the wilderness. While we struggle for freedom, we continued to sharpen the boldness of our pens and brush. The masterpieces of the novel, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo were produced; the Decalogue of Mabini inspired a whole generation of freedom fighters; La Spoliarium and the Virgin Christians of Rome won top prizes in European painting competitions. There is no limit to a talented spirit, indeed. The Pinoys are a talented people; there should be no limit to the imagination and capacity to us as a people. We should have a very glorious people with a glorious future.

13. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be happening.

14. The Philippine economy, while being resilient during this crisis, remains partially tapped. We can grow faster but we are not. The state of the country’s income distribution needs to be more equitably addressed. Our politics is one of politics of money and guns. Our culture seems to have deteriorated to the extent that someone characterized it as damaged. In short, we do seem to be always in the threshold of greatness—there are some of us who have demonstrated such a capacity to be great—but we are not quite inside such a threshold. What needs to be done?What indeed needs to be done?

15. Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow Filipinos, let me offer you a roadmap to a glorious future.16. This roadmap consists of 7 points,

7 points to the future.

POINT #1 -. First, we need to emancipate our minds and our spirit. We need to teach our young men and women our heroic past and our good fortune as a nation so much endowed with rich natural resources and talented people. We need to realize we have what it takes to be great.

POINT #2 - Second, we need to empower our people. Let’s allow them the freedom to choose their leaders without the threat of reprisal and revenge. Our people should have the access to power, justice, medical care, jobs. Unless they feel they are a part of the body politic, they will never buy in. Dedicated desks shall be established to receive public complaints and act on them.

POINT #3 - Third, we need to educate our people—educate them more in sciences and technology, engineering and the arts. We need to overhaul the curriculum, clean up the run of the mill schools and universities. We need to provide basic nutrition and feeding program so we teach our kids with full stomach.

POINT #4 - Fourth, we need to energize our economy—good economic public policy: progressive taxation and trade policies. We shall develop our agriculture and industries. We shall integrate our road system with our airports and seaports and the railways. We shall relocate the millions of illegal occupants from the cities to the countrysides close to new areas of development and in turn, these vacated prime lots shall be developed with both domestic and foreign private partners. We shall aim to develop a very robust economy which will allow us to bring back our overseas workers so they will harness their skills for national development.

POINT #5 - Fifth, we need to elevate the standard and quality of life of our people. With a robust economy and consciously civic society, public funds shall be made available to improve the delivery of public services: public hospitals shall be modernized to provide both basic and tertiary medical care. There will be complete zoning and environmental care. We will light up our streets, our highways and expressways. We will reclaim our esteros, we will clean up the Pasig River and establish walkways and board walks. Public parks shall once again be for the people.

POINT #6 - Sixth, we need to eradicate bad governance. Let us not forget that sin is a reproach to any nation. Bad governance is the worst tribute one public servant can leave behind. We shall therefore establish dedicated courts so we can immediately deal with stolen wealth, tax evasion and avoidance. We shall have attrition principle in many public agencies: there will be great adjustment in public compensation but once an offender is caught embezzling public funds, there will be equally great penalty. Justice shall be dispensed for all.

POINT # 7 - And seventh, we shall establish peace in the land. We will talk softly, but we will carry a big stick. We will reach out to our Muslim brothers and left-leaning brothers to offer them peace in the non-negotiable framework of one Republic of the Philippines. We will modernize and strengthen our air force, navy and the army as well as the national police. With the National Government leading by example in righteous and moral governance, we shall win the respect of the league of nations and reclaim what we lost in the last thirty years.I Believe in the Filipinos and their future! In pursuing this roadmap, we shall be guided by the timeless principle that we shall be whatever we are at any point: if we are the anvil, we shall bear the burden. If we are the hammer, we shall strike. We will never quit. For a man is not finished when he is defeated. We were defeated six years ago, but we shall be finished only when we decide to quit now.


Dr. Adelle McKinney
VP Magnetrain Worldwide Group
CEO AM Financial Network

Monday, November 30, 2009

Arise Bangon Pilipinas!

The Crest is Rising

After visiting the Philippines during the Onduy and Pepeng typhoons, we came away with the feeling that the Filipino people are the most courageous and unselfish people in the world.

The government was very limited on their assistance to those hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything in the flooding which followed the storm. What we saw was neighbor assisting neighbor, churches helping, humanitarian organizations helping, the military helping and thousands of friends from all over the world sending in relief goods and money.

There is nothing that can damper the spirit of the Filipino people! And this is why the next election is so important and exciting!

A new era of selflessness and generosity is arising. This is a key component of "mainline" Christianity. There is only one religion in the world that espouses ongoing generousity and humanitarian services and that is Christianity.

Today there is one candidate who can bring this spirit of goodwill and integrity to the nation and that is the presidential candidate of Bangon Pillipinas. Traveling throughout the cities and natoin, we find that when people realize that he is again a candidate for the next election they are excited and inspired.

Regardless of political or religious affiliation, the people are looking for a leader who can lead them to becoming a great influence in Asia both politically and economically.

Please take the time to do some research on the internet and look up Brother Eddie Villanueva and see how the Bangon Pilipinas is taken back the nation one barrio at a time!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


by Adelle McKinney

As corruption and scandals continue to rock the Philippines Islands and politicians manipulate votes and encourage unethical behavior inside and outside of office, the Spirit of God is moving across the islands, building into a crescendo of violent shaking! Not an earthquake or a man made shaking, but a shaking that will rock not only the islands but all surrounding neighbors as well.

The glorious church is marching to victory? Which church? The church of the first born, the church of God, the born again church, the Jesus church, the blood washed, church of the redeemed!

Everywhere, God's people are getting involved in the process. From the smallest little hamlet to the metropolitan arenas, God's people are pouring our their hearts in prayer and repentance that the 1000 islands will be placed under a new mantle of leadership in the 2010 elections, one that is God ordained and God inspired.

Have you not heard? Do the winds not declare it is a change of seasons for this nation? The battle ground is not the election ballot, nor the halls of the Congress, nor the crime filled streets of the city. The battleground is in the prayer sanctuaries that have sprung up all over the nation, from Manila to the North, South, East and West, believers of all denominations are falling on their knees crying out to God to raise a righteous leader in the nation that will lead them out of corruption into a new era of integrity and prosperity where all men are created equal and have opportunities to fulfill their dreams, support their families with dignity and freedom to worship God in the public arena.

The flag bearer of this movement is Bro. Eddie Villanueva, President and found of the Jesus is Lord movement. For over 30 years, Bro. Eddie has been inspiring millions of Filipinos to serve God and enjoy the blessings and fruit of a godly life. Through his influence millions of Filipinos have received Jesus Christ as Lord! For the next 10 months, he is sacrificing his life and ministry to reach every city and village with a message of hope and salvation as he runs for the highest office in the land, the President of the Philippines.

Respected by the major Christian leaders of this nation, Bro. Eddie's dream is to see the Philippines removed from the curse of sin, poverty and disease and brought into the position it once had, "Pearl of the Orient."

Without the support of Christians around the world, praying and interceding for the Philippines and for this divine mission that God has placed Bro. Eddie in, the battle will be fierce and overwhelming. Through the International Ends of the Earth Prayer Towers, 24 hours of streaming prayer will be going around the world from Manila, to Jerusalem, Germany, to England, to New Jersey, to New Mexico, to California, to Hawaii and back to the Philippines in one constant stream of intercession.

These believers do not have a color TV, nor computers

, nor automobiles, nor credit cards, nor designer clothes or handbags. All they have is a desire to see God move within their nation, and replace ungodly leadership with godly leadership.

This coming October, one of the largest political rallies in history will take place with an estimated more than three million citizens and hundreds of Christian leaders from all over the world will be gathering in Manila to launch the campaign of Bro. Eddie in prayer, fasting and praise as he begins the journey and divine destination that God had already purposed for his life before he was born, Spiritual leader of the Philippines.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bangon Bagong Pilipinas

We first met Dr. Eddie Villanueva in May of 1979. Our first trip to Manila was exciting. We were going there to host our first international missionary evangelist crusade.

At the airport, Eddie's sister, Leni Buan Narciso, was greeted with banners and waving family members and members of the newly established Jesus is Lord Fellowship.

Eddie approached us. He was unusually thin and was just recovering from complete exhaustion working endlessly to reach out to Filipinos with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we sat and listened to this new friend and young man share his dreams and visions for the ministry and for his nation, we could see his compassion for the struggling masses of people. Whenever he spoke or preached the passion for God and compassion for the people was always evident.

We were privileged to ordained Bro. Eddie to preach the gospel to the nation.
Each year for 10 years we came back to the Philippines to hold rallies and crusades to reach the lost and establish Jesus is Lord Fellowship as a bonifide church.

God blessed Bro. Eddie and the leaders there working diligently with the masses and the poor. Although building a wonderful ministry and transforming lives such as the "Tondo" boys who came from abject poverty and are now fine business men and pastors serving all over the Philippines, Bro. Eddie's heart never neglected the
urgency of the spirit to promote justice, mercy, equality and opportunity to the people of the nation. He did it through his preaching, through the ministry outreaches of Jesus is Lord, as he travelled the world establishing branches and churches.

As we spoke sometime in 1981 upon his first visit to the United States, he often spoke of his devotion and love for his beloved country. He had dreams and visions of the Philippines becoming the bread basket for Asia, a launching pad for the gospel.

At the time both we and his sister invited him to come to America and pastor here and bring the family. But he could not give us a positive response because he told us, he was called to pastor in the Philippines and no matter how attractive life in the US was, he couldn't neglect the struggling masses of people in the Philippines.

We believe that there is no other potential candidate who could impact the nation of the Philippines as Dr. Eddie Villanueva.

He has spent his entire life building up people to have a better life in Jesus Christ. If God would allow Dr. Villanueva to bring reform to the presidency of the Philippines, we bellieve that the Philippines would go from the bottom to
the top of the economic ladder in Southeast Asia. The Filipino people are educated, they speak English and they are generally brilliant in business, services, and all field of medicine.

Bangon Bagong Pilipinas!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sagip Pilipinas (Rescue the Philippines)

Bro. Eddie receiving commendation for Pres. Cory Aquino on behalf of the City of Los Angeles (12/29/08)

December 29, 2008

Excerpts from the message of Bishop Dr. Eddie Villanueva, President of Jesus is Lord Church, Inc.

Approximately 100 business and Christian leaders from the Filipino community of the greater Los Angeles area packed the Salakot Restaurant with standing room only to welcome Bishop Villanueva or “Bro. Eddie” and his wife Dory Villanueva.

After a warm welcome from the hosts, Attorney Ramon Ocampo, Bishop Jaren Lapasaren, and Mr. Ron Tan and a delicious cuisine prepared by the chefs at Salakot, Bro. Eddie began his remarks by asking, “Is there Hope?”

The audience responded with a resounding “absolutely!” The following is an excerpt from his message which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

“My coming to America is to stir the needed consciousness towards our
beloved country, the Philippines.

Nehemiah lived in the seat of power. When he heard about the sad condition
of his beloved country, he cried to the Lord, fasted and prayed. He could not ignore his passionate love for his homeland.

He asked the King for a leave of absence to help “rebuild” the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah risked his own life and spent everything he owned. In the midst of ridicule and opposition, he obeyed God.

Our beloved country used to be number one in Asia. My father, Joaquin Villanueva, told me when he attended the Asian Pacific Olympic games in Japan -- the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and other Asian nation representatives respected them because they were Filipinos.

Fifty years later, the Philippines has fallen down economically. Even Vietnam has overtaken the Philippines. That’s why 10 million Filipinos left their homeland - to work as domestic workers, to suffer mistreatment, rape and “unimaginable humiliation,” in over 42 nations.

As I have visited Filipinos working overseas, they have shared with me how mistreated they are in some nations. So I asked them, “Why don’t you complain to the Embassy?” They responded, “It is useless.”

This is happening in different parts of the world on a daily baisis.

We just rescued 8 girls who were hired as domestic workers. They arrived as domestic workers and were forced into the sex slavery. This was discovered when one of the workers visited a JIL church. In this one place alone more than 60 women were being forced to work as sex slaves just to make enough money to supplement their income and survive. But these 8 girls were being used against their will.

They courageously jumped from the 2nd floor of their building and hid in the church until they were able to escape and return to the Philippines with our assistance. This is only one example of how our people are suffering all over the world because of the economic condition in our country.

“Is there hope for our country?” Becoming the President doesn’t mean anything to me IF the Lord doesn’t want me to accept the challenge. But in my generation, our beloved country has been subjected to ridicule and our people are suffering.

In Cypress and other nations of the world, our domestic workers are mistreated because these governments do not respect our nation. As an former economic professor, I was made to learn that the Philippines is one of the richest nations in the world.

Our problem? The Government.

Twenty (20) million hectares of the finest forests were already cut down. There is only One (1) million hectares left. Nineteen (19) million hectares have already been cut down and used by loggers. In spite of all of this their economic condition and the condition of the industry has worsened.

There is a prophecy for the Philippines. The Philippines will be transformed, restored and changed into an international gospel sending nation to the world.

How can we expect our missionaries to be welcomed by the nations of the world? We need modern day Nehemiahs, Gideons, and Josephs to help transform our nation and change the world.

The other question asked of me, “How come you do not want to support our government as it is. You need to cooperate for the sake of the country.”

I was offered the stars and the moon to support publically the current “status quo”. I had only one condition, “that the government promote genuine reform.” What was the response? Silence.”

...Today the Philippines is at a crossroads. They have been suffering through a litany of scandals. Incredibly in the midst of all these scandals, these people in control of the government have the nerve to promote a “reform” that would create a dramatic change to the constitution and charter that would provide for the “status quo,” remaining in power indefinitely.

A recent example is the false, unapproved promotion of a new Islamic front. They used this as a ploy to promote and get consensus for the charter change. The results, was thousands of disappointed people and the result was 300 innocent civilians killed.

Even today, secret plans are being orchestrated to push through the charter change before the next election. Former presidents, good governmental officials and church leaders who are seeking genuine reform has predicted massive bloodshed if this unthinkable idea should be passed, denying the people the right to vote for their elected officials through a parliamentary system of government.

Bangon Bagong Pilipinas a political action group has a goal to raise up 100 patriotic Filipinos in every baranguy in the nation who will pray and peacefully oppose this devious plan to change the charter of the Philippines.

The motto is to, “Pray, Fast and Act.”

Filipinos who work together can save their country.

In 2010, Filipinos will vote for genuine change and reform or they will vote for more of the same. Leaders from all sects of society are coming together to support the vision of Bangon Bagong Pilipinas to vote in governmental leaders who believe that the Philippines can be a great nation again and a leader in the Asian Pacific region. But this can only happen, when Filipinos around the take an interest and begin to pray and fast for their homeland like Nehemiah and sacrifice to rebuilt the “walls” of their beloved country.

Bro. Eddie concluded his comments:

“I don’t want to delay God’s divine plan for the Philippines. The original name of the Philippines meant, Island of Lazarus who was Jesus’ best friend whom He resurrected. The Philippines will resurrect once again!

Later, the Philippines name was derived from King Philip of Spain.

The Philippines will be transformed. The Philippines will be restored.
Dr. Handel Turner, and old pastor who ministered in Cebu, a great man of
God said, “the Philippines is gifted with an abundance of natural hidden
resources and treasures. God is waiting for righteousness to come to
the nation. Proverbs 29:1-2.

“He that being often reproved, hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

Who can effect this change from corruption to righteousness? Only God our divine creator and His son Jesus Christ can change the heart of a nation to righteousness. But he will use men and women to “stand in the gap” and make up this hedge.

If you want more information on how you can help, please email us and we will add your name to this growing list of people who want genuine reform and change to come to their beloved nation of the Philippines.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Welcome to Arise Philippines, the blog that supports Brother Eddie Villanueva's mission to transform the Philippines into a God-fearing, righteous nation that supports democratic principals and ideals.

Since 1979, we have had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the most beautiful nations in the world. It has gorgeous mountains, pristine beaches, and a wealth of natural resources.

Yet for the past 30 years, the Philippines with its vast population of educated college graduates and an Asian nation where English is the second language has suffered the greatest brain drain since the people fled Europe at the beginning of World War II.

Brother Eddie Villanueva, was born in the city of Bocaue. He was one of 10 children. His parents were not wealthy, but they were wealthy in the love and respect the community had for them.

During World War II, his father, Joaquin Villanueva served as a Philippine Scout for the US Army. His heroic deeds included the rescuing and hiding of two downed USA pilots. Earlier in his life, he participated in the Asian games in Japan where he won a Gold medal in track and field. Life was good for this family until the beginning of World War II.

Through out the war, they and many of these families suffered from the invasion of the Empire of Japan. Nevertheless, they joined with the US Armed Forces to fight for the freedom and liberty of their nation, gallantly.

After the war ended, the Philippines began its path to independence and prosperity. But because of graft and corruption beginning in the mid 1970's,a downward spiral began that now lists the Philippines as one of the worst places to do business in. Additionally, the economy has plummeted to second from the bottom. The bottom being Bangladesh.

What is the solution?

The nation needs a transformation of leadership! There are thousands of God fearing people of all religious denominations who believe that if a righteous leader could be raised up to the position of President, he could literally take a broken economy and society and with God's help transform that nation into one of the most productive nations in Asia. Everything is in place.

Business leaders are supporting the transformation of the nation.
Religious leaders are praying for the transformation of the nation.
Military leaders are want to assist in bringing transformation to the nation.
Good governmental leaders are praying for fair elections so that good people can be elected to the nation's political offices.

This blog will bring to the forefront issues affecting the Philippines that needs your consideration and prayer.

True transformation must begin in the hearts of the people. From the poorest to the wealthy business man - all have to come together in unity, with one heart, one mind and one purpose, the transformation of their nation.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America joined together with the people both great and small and sacrificed for the freedom that we enjoy as Americans today. Rich landlords sacrificed their financial holdings to finance the war and purchase supplies and outfit the troops. Many of them sacrificing everything with no guarantees - except an insatiable desire for freedom and truly liberty.

These same gentlemen after the war, continue to implement government and policies that would secure peace and prosperity not just for the rich but for all the people of the land. The Constitution and Bill of Rights written 200 years ago are just as relevant today as they were then.

Christian leaders and pastors actively participated in the formation of this great nation. Their oratory was heard across the land, in the cities and in the state legislatures. Without those voices, the path to a moral nation would have been lost. During the constitution convention, history has reported that the 13 colonies could not agree. Arguments and disputes began to disrupt the unity of victory that they had achieved in the revolutionary war. It would seem that all might lost unless there was divine intervention.

In the midst of the turmoil, Benjamin Franklin suggested that they take some time off to go across the street to ask God for his wisdom through a time of prayer and fasting. One of the signers to the constitution was the Pastor of the church they all adjourned too. After three days of prayer and seeking God's face, these men convened again and within a short time, they had produced the world's greatest living document, the Constitution of the United States of America.

The people of the Philippines deserve to have such an intervention. They have been good friends of the United States. They have maintained their reputation as the only Christian nation in Asia.

Arise Philippines is the motto of the people who's heart is towards God. It is time for the Philippines to arise once again and become the Pearl of the Pacific once more.