Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pray for the New President of the Philippines

Man's will is not always God's will. But the ultimate outcome is God's will.

The divine destiny of the Philippines rests upon the heart of the new President. He will either make God's plan His plan or he will make man's plan His plan.

God's plan for the Philippines is that it will once again be the "Pearl of the Orient." God's plan for the Philippines is that the people will be given opportunities to own land, work for decent wages, get a good education through public and private schools and know that their legislatures are there to represent the people and not themselves.

The New Philippines which was started under the late President Cory Aguino and carried on by former President Ramos can be reinitiated by the new President IF he truly has the well being of the people of the Philippines as his priority.

Presidential Candidate Dr. Eddie Villanueva is one who did. Above all else, besides his loyalty to the principles of faith - his loyalty was to the people. He was not only pastor to his church, He had the heart to be pastor to the nation of the Philippines.

We do pray for the New leadership that they too will work together to stop the rampant corruption that has been ruining the most beautiful and friendly nation in Asia. We pray that the new leadership will be wise in selling off their lands and assets to foreign interests and rather
make every decision with the future benefit of the Filipino people the key indicator and motivator.

God bless the Filipino people! And, God bless the new President and the new Leadership of the Nation!

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Alvin Pereira said...

New Philippines after Cory? Are yu people joking? cory mothballed BNPP and implemented the 60-40 ruling in the 1987 constitution that's why the Philippines got poorer