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Sagip Pilipinas (Rescue the Philippines)

Bro. Eddie receiving commendation for Pres. Cory Aquino on behalf of the City of Los Angeles (12/29/08)

December 29, 2008

Excerpts from the message of Bishop Dr. Eddie Villanueva, President of Jesus is Lord Church, Inc.

Approximately 100 business and Christian leaders from the Filipino community of the greater Los Angeles area packed the Salakot Restaurant with standing room only to welcome Bishop Villanueva or “Bro. Eddie” and his wife Dory Villanueva.

After a warm welcome from the hosts, Attorney Ramon Ocampo, Bishop Jaren Lapasaren, and Mr. Ron Tan and a delicious cuisine prepared by the chefs at Salakot, Bro. Eddie began his remarks by asking, “Is there Hope?”

The audience responded with a resounding “absolutely!” The following is an excerpt from his message which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

“My coming to America is to stir the needed consciousness towards our
beloved country, the Philippines.

Nehemiah lived in the seat of power. When he heard about the sad condition
of his beloved country, he cried to the Lord, fasted and prayed. He could not ignore his passionate love for his homeland.

He asked the King for a leave of absence to help “rebuild” the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah risked his own life and spent everything he owned. In the midst of ridicule and opposition, he obeyed God.

Our beloved country used to be number one in Asia. My father, Joaquin Villanueva, told me when he attended the Asian Pacific Olympic games in Japan -- the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and other Asian nation representatives respected them because they were Filipinos.

Fifty years later, the Philippines has fallen down economically. Even Vietnam has overtaken the Philippines. That’s why 10 million Filipinos left their homeland - to work as domestic workers, to suffer mistreatment, rape and “unimaginable humiliation,” in over 42 nations.

As I have visited Filipinos working overseas, they have shared with me how mistreated they are in some nations. So I asked them, “Why don’t you complain to the Embassy?” They responded, “It is useless.”

This is happening in different parts of the world on a daily baisis.

We just rescued 8 girls who were hired as domestic workers. They arrived as domestic workers and were forced into the sex slavery. This was discovered when one of the workers visited a JIL church. In this one place alone more than 60 women were being forced to work as sex slaves just to make enough money to supplement their income and survive. But these 8 girls were being used against their will.

They courageously jumped from the 2nd floor of their building and hid in the church until they were able to escape and return to the Philippines with our assistance. This is only one example of how our people are suffering all over the world because of the economic condition in our country.

“Is there hope for our country?” Becoming the President doesn’t mean anything to me IF the Lord doesn’t want me to accept the challenge. But in my generation, our beloved country has been subjected to ridicule and our people are suffering.

In Cypress and other nations of the world, our domestic workers are mistreated because these governments do not respect our nation. As an former economic professor, I was made to learn that the Philippines is one of the richest nations in the world.

Our problem? The Government.

Twenty (20) million hectares of the finest forests were already cut down. There is only One (1) million hectares left. Nineteen (19) million hectares have already been cut down and used by loggers. In spite of all of this their economic condition and the condition of the industry has worsened.

There is a prophecy for the Philippines. The Philippines will be transformed, restored and changed into an international gospel sending nation to the world.

How can we expect our missionaries to be welcomed by the nations of the world? We need modern day Nehemiahs, Gideons, and Josephs to help transform our nation and change the world.

The other question asked of me, “How come you do not want to support our government as it is. You need to cooperate for the sake of the country.”

I was offered the stars and the moon to support publically the current “status quo”. I had only one condition, “that the government promote genuine reform.” What was the response? Silence.”

...Today the Philippines is at a crossroads. They have been suffering through a litany of scandals. Incredibly in the midst of all these scandals, these people in control of the government have the nerve to promote a “reform” that would create a dramatic change to the constitution and charter that would provide for the “status quo,” remaining in power indefinitely.

A recent example is the false, unapproved promotion of a new Islamic front. They used this as a ploy to promote and get consensus for the charter change. The results, was thousands of disappointed people and the result was 300 innocent civilians killed.

Even today, secret plans are being orchestrated to push through the charter change before the next election. Former presidents, good governmental officials and church leaders who are seeking genuine reform has predicted massive bloodshed if this unthinkable idea should be passed, denying the people the right to vote for their elected officials through a parliamentary system of government.

Bangon Bagong Pilipinas a political action group has a goal to raise up 100 patriotic Filipinos in every baranguy in the nation who will pray and peacefully oppose this devious plan to change the charter of the Philippines.

The motto is to, “Pray, Fast and Act.”

Filipinos who work together can save their country.

In 2010, Filipinos will vote for genuine change and reform or they will vote for more of the same. Leaders from all sects of society are coming together to support the vision of Bangon Bagong Pilipinas to vote in governmental leaders who believe that the Philippines can be a great nation again and a leader in the Asian Pacific region. But this can only happen, when Filipinos around the take an interest and begin to pray and fast for their homeland like Nehemiah and sacrifice to rebuilt the “walls” of their beloved country.

Bro. Eddie concluded his comments:

“I don’t want to delay God’s divine plan for the Philippines. The original name of the Philippines meant, Island of Lazarus who was Jesus’ best friend whom He resurrected. The Philippines will resurrect once again!

Later, the Philippines name was derived from King Philip of Spain.

The Philippines will be transformed. The Philippines will be restored.
Dr. Handel Turner, and old pastor who ministered in Cebu, a great man of
God said, “the Philippines is gifted with an abundance of natural hidden
resources and treasures. God is waiting for righteousness to come to
the nation. Proverbs 29:1-2.

“He that being often reproved, hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

Who can effect this change from corruption to righteousness? Only God our divine creator and His son Jesus Christ can change the heart of a nation to righteousness. But he will use men and women to “stand in the gap” and make up this hedge.

If you want more information on how you can help, please email us and we will add your name to this growing list of people who want genuine reform and change to come to their beloved nation of the Philippines.


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