Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bangon Bagong Pilipinas

We first met Dr. Eddie Villanueva in May of 1979. Our first trip to Manila was exciting. We were going there to host our first international missionary evangelist crusade.

At the airport, Eddie's sister, Leni Buan Narciso, was greeted with banners and waving family members and members of the newly established Jesus is Lord Fellowship.

Eddie approached us. He was unusually thin and was just recovering from complete exhaustion working endlessly to reach out to Filipinos with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we sat and listened to this new friend and young man share his dreams and visions for the ministry and for his nation, we could see his compassion for the struggling masses of people. Whenever he spoke or preached the passion for God and compassion for the people was always evident.

We were privileged to ordained Bro. Eddie to preach the gospel to the nation.
Each year for 10 years we came back to the Philippines to hold rallies and crusades to reach the lost and establish Jesus is Lord Fellowship as a bonifide church.

God blessed Bro. Eddie and the leaders there working diligently with the masses and the poor. Although building a wonderful ministry and transforming lives such as the "Tondo" boys who came from abject poverty and are now fine business men and pastors serving all over the Philippines, Bro. Eddie's heart never neglected the
urgency of the spirit to promote justice, mercy, equality and opportunity to the people of the nation. He did it through his preaching, through the ministry outreaches of Jesus is Lord, as he travelled the world establishing branches and churches.

As we spoke sometime in 1981 upon his first visit to the United States, he often spoke of his devotion and love for his beloved country. He had dreams and visions of the Philippines becoming the bread basket for Asia, a launching pad for the gospel.

At the time both we and his sister invited him to come to America and pastor here and bring the family. But he could not give us a positive response because he told us, he was called to pastor in the Philippines and no matter how attractive life in the US was, he couldn't neglect the struggling masses of people in the Philippines.

We believe that there is no other potential candidate who could impact the nation of the Philippines as Dr. Eddie Villanueva.

He has spent his entire life building up people to have a better life in Jesus Christ. If God would allow Dr. Villanueva to bring reform to the presidency of the Philippines, we bellieve that the Philippines would go from the bottom to
the top of the economic ladder in Southeast Asia. The Filipino people are educated, they speak English and they are generally brilliant in business, services, and all field of medicine.

Bangon Bagong Pilipinas!

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